Home (Post El Paso wrap up)

That’s a wrap…

I’m back home in Austin now after being in El Paso for 8 days and tracking for 7 days. After all was said an done, I was able to get down 7 songs:

A side:

  1. Time of Troubles

  2. Another Protest Song

  3. Faux News

B side:

  1. For Her (instrumental)

  2. Forever & Always

  3. One of My Kind

  4. C U Next Tuesday

The A side is 3 political songs, which is a first for me. I pushed myself to write something other than personal songs (things that happened to me or to people around me), and given the current moment of history we’re living in, I felt I had a responsibility to speak out.

The B side is more of my standard subject matter and comfort zone. There are songs for my incredible wife, Emily, including and instrumental “interlude”. There’s a song for my late friend (and former OSG guitarist), Gave Velazquez, and a song for my good friend Keith.

Was a great week, and thanks again to Ross and Sebastian at Brainville for being awesome, helping, and putting up with me. Looking forward to hearing some mixes and sharing with everyone soon.

Much love,