El Paso, Day 4 & 5 - 2018/11/17-18

Sorry for not posting update yesterday, it was tough day.

I hit a wall and ran out of steam a little bit, but was able to get some writing done. Additionally, Emily Booher stopped by to write and record an amazing cello part for “Forever & Always”. I couldn’t believe it had been 4.5 years since she recorded the part for “The War”, and it was great to see her and catch up. She’s got a ton of amazing things going on right now, and was so gracious with her time; I can’t thank her enough. If you haven’t already, give her a follow and check out all the projects she’s working on.

Last night I got some much needed rest, and we started a little later today. I was able to knock out guitars (added a nice little lead, too!) and vocals for “Faux News”. Ross worked out a sweet organ part on a Leslie, and we’re going to add it tomorrow and finish that song up. I also tracked vocals for “Another Protest Song”, which I’m pretty proud of. I unknowingly, as per usual, wrote it right at the top of my range, so Ross really helped with pushing me to get a great performance.

That leaves vocals for “One of My Kind”, and an instrumental track I finished writing that’s tentatively called “For Her”. I fought with writing a melody/vocals, but I think it’s going to fit nicely as an instrumental interlude. If there’s any additional time tomorrow, we’re going to go through and see if there’s anything else to add to or clean up on the other tracks.

That leaves Tuesday for (hopefully) 1 more song…