El Paso, Day 3 - 2018/11/16

Today was a big day.

I finally finished a song that I’ve been working on (albeit mostly in my head) for almost 3 years now. I recorded the guitar and vocals for “Forever & Always”, a song for my wife, Emily. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I think the reason I put of finalizing this song and finishing the lyrics was simply because I wanted it to be perfect for her. I have a tendency to put writing off and try to wait for literally every condition to be absolutely perfect. Emily has helped me realize that, as part of the artistic process, nothing needs to be perfect.

Part of the evolution of writing and music (and almost anything creative, for that matter) is just the act of getting everything inside you out. Every draft of lyrics, format of verse/chorus/verse, and alternate bridge, is just assisting in flushing the proper ideas out. If I were to wait for all circumstances to align themselves “perfectly”, I’d never write anything.

So last night and this morning, I finalized the guitar parts, structure, and lyrics to record her song. I’m pretty proud of it, to be honest, and she seemed to really like it from the rough camera phone video I shared with her. It doesn’t come close to expressing how much I love her, how grateful I am to have her in my life, to be her best friend and have her as my best friend, and how she’s completely saved my life, but it’s a start.

Additionally, Emily Booher, who wrote and recorded the cello part for “The War” from my last EP (also record out here with Ross), just happens to be in town for the Thanksgiving holiday and will be graciously lending her talents. I know that her part will only add to and further enrich “Forever & Always” and make it that much more powerful.

So tomorrow will be recording vocals for “One of My Kind” and “Another Protest Song”, as well as the cello for “Forever & Always”. If we get to it, I’ll do the guitar for “Faux News” as well. That’ll just leave vocals for/finishing up “Faux News” on Sunday. That means I have Monday and Tuesday to try and round out 2 final tracks to give both the A side and B side 4 tracks, for a total of 8 songs.

It’s all happening…