El Paso, Day 2 - 2018/11/15

Day 2 is in the books.

I didn’t get all of what I wanted to have finished today fully completed, but wound up getting a little further along in some respects. I did completely finish “C U Next Tuesday”, including an awesome Moog part by Ross that gives it a very The Anniversary feel. “Faux News” wound up not being as far along as I thought it was, and I’m having to rework it slightly. Will hopefully get that taken care of tonight, and be able to at least lay down the guitar part tomorrow, if not the vocals as well.

I was able to lay down guitar tracks for “Another Protest Song” and “One of My Kind” to finish the day out. “Another Protest Song” is exactly what it sounds like, and takes a very traditional and stripped down folk approach (think Woody Guthrie, The Kingston Trio, and/or The Limeliters) to the current administration. I have the first verse written, as well as a shell of a chorus, so I just need to flush the chorus out and write a 2nd verse to round it out.

“One of My Kind” is a little more difficult for me, as it’s about my late friend, Gabe Velazquez. Gabe was a part of Our Sleeping Giant, but more than that he was a kindred spirit and musical brother to me. I’m still struggling with processing and dealing with his passing, and have put off finishing this song for some time now. As Gabe was from El Paso, it almost seems kismet that I write the lyrics and record this song here. I feel like I owe so much to Gabe, and one song hardly seems sufficient to show my admiration, respect, and love for him, let alone to pay tribute to one of the most genuine human beings I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. All I can do is keep doing what Gabe would do, and keep writing, singing, playing, and being true to myself.

I love you and miss you, Gabe.