El Paso, Day 1 - 2018/11/14

It’s been 4 years since I’ve recorded last, and it feels like a lot longer than that. Much like the last time, I’m back in El Paso and back working with Ross Ingram. This time, instead of Sonic Ranch, we’re at Ross’s own studio, Brainville.

Many people asked me, leading up to this week, why I travel nearly 9 hours via car to record when I live in Austin, the music capital of the world. Well, outside my love of road trips, it’s because of Ross. As a musician, you’re lucky if you’re able to find someone who both believes in you and your talent/ability as an artist, as well as pushes you to get the best out of you while still encouraging you. Ross has that ability, and for me is exactly what I need; it’s the right balance of nurture and push, and always gets the best out of me.

Today was day one at Brainville for the new EP/LP…still figuring that part out, tbh. We got “Time of Troubles” completed. Guitar, keys (thanks, Ross!), and vocals. Really happy with the results, and excited to get back to it tomorrow. Not sure how much I’m going to be able to get finished while I’m here, but I have no doubt in the quality of the finished product. Hoping for 6-8 songs, and will be pressing to vinyl for sure. Also, we’re recording to tape, so that’s 2 bucket list items in one session for me.

Tomorrow we’ll be working on “C U Next Tuesday” and possibly “Faux News”, we’ll see. I’ll be posting each night with update as I get back to my Airbnb, and will keep posting via Instagram and Twitter with update from the studio during the sessions.

Until tomorrow,