What Happened to the Full Length LP?

So, I was supposed to record my first full length album in August of this past year. That, obviously, did not happen. I wanted to provide a little context on the "why":

In July of this year, I was walked into a room and told I was being let go from my job/company. I had not only met, but exceeded all my goals, and grown the program almost 300% year over year, but was still told it wasn't enough. Luckily, my manager knew I had a great deal of Support experience, and I was able to slide into a Support gig in August. This happened right as I was supposed to head to El Paso to record 'Time of Troubles' with Ross Ingram @ Brainville Studios

I'm planning on heading to El Paso at some point this year, once I find a new job and a new company to work for (unfortunately still at the same company), and things settle down a little bit. Until then, I have a new project that I'm going to kick off next week once I get back to Austin. Keep an eye on the blog, because there will be new music very soon...

Lastly, as we limp in 2018, I urge you to volunteer your time, talents, and/or money to your local community, and to strive to replace hate with love, lies with facts, and divisiveness with acceptance.